Build a Climate Positive Culture by empowering your employees to be greener and making your workforce carbon neutral.
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Reewild helps your company to build a Climate Positive Culture, setting you apart in the market and helping you to attract and retain an increasingly purpose-driven talent pool. 

By providing you with the tools to empower your workforce to be greener, while also compensating for your employees' emissions, you can take a tangible and visible step forward in your company's sustainability approach.

Through the Reewild employee benefit scheme, your business can:

  • Offset the emissions of all of your employees, creating a carbon neutral workforce, and contributing to your Net Zero targets.  
  • Proudly display your company's green credentials via a public Impact Page and add an extra gear to your sustainability strategy.
  • Empower your employees to take control of their carbon footprint, and live more sustainably, via the Reewild carbon tracking app. 
  • The app helps employees to discover the climate impact of millions of products and recipes, enabling them to track and reduce their personal dietary carbon footprint over time. 
  • Employees also gain access to exclusive discounts and offers from sustainable brands, such as Coco di Mama, Candy Kittens and Mindful Chef. 

Start taking climate action today and share your positive environmental impact with the world!

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Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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