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Pet insurance.
Family, Kids, & Pets
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The Best Pet Insurance. Period.Introducing the safety net you and your best friend deserve. Petplan is the pet insurance trusted by more than 250,000 pet parents and the top no kill shelters in Canada and the U.S.No signup fees, no add-ons. Cancel anytime. Accepted by all veterinarians in the U.S. and Canada. The most comprehensive pet insurance coverage there is.Complete sick visit: Exam fees are included, which saves you $50-$250 per sick visit.Comprehensive dental: Petplan covers injury and disease in every adult tooth — not just the canines.Breed-specific conditions: Different breeds have different needs, and Petplan’s plans reflect that.How Petplan works:Visit any vet - Forget networks — your pet’s care comes first. Specialists and emergency clinics are included.Submit a claim - It’s so simple a kitten could do it. You take a photo of your paid vet bill, Petplan handles it from there.Get paid back fast - Once your claim is approved, you’ll be paid back up to 90% of your vet bill.

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