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Get on the property ladder with Nude: Lifetime ISAs for first-time buyers.
Retirement, Wealth, Financial Wellbeing
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Nude’s the app that makes it easier to save for your first home, that just so happens to come with a Lifetime ISA, aka the government boosted account that comes with a 25% bonus every year.
With other Lifetime ISAs, you get a place to keep your money, but with Nude, we want to give you an account and an app that’s fun to use. 
Think of it this way — are you more likely to keep putting money into an account that just sits there like a dead group chat?
Or are you more likely to keep putting money into an account that gives you a time-based progress tracker, personalised money-saving ideas, monthly money insights, a joint dashboard for people buying a home together, a link that makes it easy for your friends & family to put money towards your deposit, weekly content that teaches you about all things “first home”, saving challenges, in-app cash giveaways and so much more? 
You get all this, _plus _the 25% bonus that gives you up to £1,000 towards your first home every tax year, just from opening a Nude Lifetime ISA. Join 300,000+ others and start saving or investing with Nude today.
It normally costs £2 per month to use all of Nude's money-saving features that can help you to get into your home sooner, but with Ben, employers can cover the £24 annual subscription costs and help their employees to tap into an app that helps them to save for their first home faster.

Ben's take

Housing insecurity is one of the top challenges facing young people in the UK, and Nude is a great tool for first time homebuyers to regain control and combat that anxiety. Nude’s super slick platform integrates into your Lifetime ISA, makes useful budgeting suggestions, and shows in real time how your investments are reducing the time until you own your first home! Nude is an excellent way to support the financial security of your employees.
Me when I look at housing prices in the UK: 👁️ 👄 👁️
Me when I found Nude: 👁️ 🫦 👁️

Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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