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Tailored, at home fertility and hormone testing that’s backed by science.Hertility save you time and money. A typical fertility check-up consultation can cost you up to £1,800 and take up to 15 months. Hertility is here to change that. Their at-home test, along with partnered clinics, enables them to provide you with affordable and quick health testing, with a guided, clinically led pathway to care.Helping you avoid the reproductive rollercoaster: 

  • Hertility believes that people deserve more than just test results, they need clear explanations, support and guidance. With their full team of researchers, clinicians and in-house experts, they’re dedicated to supporting you in understanding every aspect of your results. 
  • Hertility provides options to speak with trusted professionals, along with direct appointments with their partner clinics, should you need it. 
  • Your couch is the new clinic: Hertility offers tailored hormone testing and treatment options for reproductive health, fertility, PCOS, endometriosis, and gynaecology.

Ben's take

So it’s not, like, a radical suggestion that people with uteruses are misunderstood and underserved in the medical system, right? Our bodies are treated like mysteries, and fertility journeys, should we choose to undertake them, are emotionally exhausting and expensive. Hertility is just one tool through which you can regain some control in confusing space. Ben has preferential pricing for Hertility’s at-home fertility and hormone tests. 

Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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