The easiest way to make a difference: sponsor protected reforestation and world-leading renewable energy projects across the globe. Reduce your personal footprint and get rewarded for doing so.
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Croatia, Tunisia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Israel, Maldives, Malaysia, UAE, Mexico, Greece, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, Portugal, Indonesia, Brazil, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Japan, New Zealand, Finland, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland

A small bit of funding really can go a long way for our planet. Safeguard the future of the planet through sponsoring a world-leading, 100% transparent climate change benefit:

  • Plant trees: Plant protected trees on your very own reforestation sites
  • Save the planet & people: Build habitats for endangered wildlife and lift communities out of poverty through paying them at a fair wage to plant your trees
  • Calculate Your Own Footprint: Take your very own personal carbon calculator and see your key emissions contributors
  • Get Net-zero: Sponsor the world’s highest-standard renewable energy projects to reduce your net carbon footprint
  • Track your impact: You will receive a monthly impact update, and access to your personal impact dashboard 24/7
  • Live Green: Receive monthly personal tips to reduce your footprint, curated to your lifestyle
  • Get Tree-warded:Win Eco Rewards: As a bit of fun, you will also be entered into Furthr’s monthly Eco Rewards Tree-ward draw, with a selection of planet-positive prizes up-for-grabs. All prizes are exchangeable in full for more trees planted. See the 'Brochure' in the Useful Links for more details.
  • Exclusive for you: Get an extra 15 trees planted in your first month when you sign up

Transparency & Legitimacy: Transparency is of the utmost importance: see exactly where your subscription funding is going, with each of your projects being certified by world leaders in climate action (see ‘Transparency’ in the Useful Links for more information).


With this benefit you will sponsor projects where our planet and its communities need help the most. You will help to deliver protected reforestation and generate new renewable energy across the developing world. 


The renewable energy projects fast-track zero-emissions energy in locations where the infrastructure and financial support is not available. The reforestation projects look to the long-term, where your protected trees absorb carbon emissions as they grow.

On top of your project impact, you will also receive actionable advice on how to reduce your personal emissions even more, whilst getting monthly chances to be rewarded with planet-positive prizes. 

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Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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