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Fresh Fitness Food

Say hello to effortless eating with food tailored to your nutritional needs & health goals.
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Founder Jared Williams started Fresh Fitness Food because he knew how hard it was to stay healthy on a tight schedule. For the time-poor, eating well wasn’t always convenient. Then Fresh Fitness Food came along.From producing 12 meals a day in a pokey Notting Hill flat, Fresh Fitness Food has grown into the UK’s #1 bespoke nutrition brand. Now they deliver cooler bags of nutritious food every single day, helping transform the lives of busy people, just like you.Delivering convenience: Specially curated, ready-to-eat meals save you hours of shopping, prepping, cooking and counting macros.Driven by science: Top nutritionists create highly tailored plans to give you structure and consistency, while Fresh Fitness Food’s world first mobile app makes tracking your goals easy.Direct to your door: No-fuss delivery, no-cook meals, all delivered in a cooler bag to your doorstep every single day, and collected again the same evening.

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Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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