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Fiit is the #1 rated fitness app with hundreds of classes led by the most in demand trainers.
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UK, Ireland, USA, Japan, Ukraine, Peru, Croatia, Malta, Hungary, Luxembourg, Israel, Kuwait, Maldives, Tunisia, UAE, Malaysia, Mexico, Egypt, Singapore, Greece, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Indonesia, Brazil, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Crimea, China, Turkey, Finland, New Zealand, Namibia, Belarus, Italy, Austria, Botswana, Korea, Sweden, India, Bulgaria, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Latvia, Cyprus, Czech Republic

Take your training to the next level with the interactive fitness app that pushes you harder.Fiit gives you on demand access to hundreds of killer workouts and structured training plans – all led by world-class trainers.There are heavy HIIT-ers, muscle builders, sweat sessions, zen benders, core crushers, flow finders, leg burners, arm burners, fat burners – to be honest, there are a lot of burners. And those are just the brand new classes dropping each and every week.All you need is a 2m x 2m space. No equipment is needed to get started. Try it out for free and get access to bodyweight workouts, strength training, dumbbell and kettlebell classes, yoga, pIlates, barre, stretching, mobility, and postnatal training.Transform your fitness routine with on demand workouts, challenges and group classes scheduled daily. Or you can schedule your own group class and invite your friends. You can Fiit at home, in the gym or in your hotel room. All to the beat of DJ-mixed soundtracks.Plus, Fiit is all about training smarter. Connect with our Fiit Tracker and 25+ fitness trackers (including Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Sense and Iconic, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Watch 3, Galaxy Active 2 and more), follow your progress, see your heart rate, calories, and reps all in real time, and compete on live leaderboards.Whatever your goal, Fiit will get you training like an athlete. It’s time to Get Fiit.

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