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Chatterbug Business

Chatterbug makes it easy to provide your team with flexible, focused language learning that really works.
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Language training at work is notoriously hard to scale, expensive and often ineffective. But not any longer.

Introducing Chatterbug's solution for businesses. Roll out our proven, speaking-first learning method to your entire team in a few clicks and make languages work for your company.

- Focused, one-on-one language tutoring for your whole team. Book Lessons 24/7
- Cutting-edge interactive online classroom and self-study activities that adapt to each user's learning
- Easy user management and progress tracking for admins
- Simple, consolidated billing. Add, change or cancel users at any time
- Account management and learner support from the Chatterbug team
- Loved by employees at leading companies like Marley Spoon, McMakler and SAP

Ben's take

Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben

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