Save up to 10% 
on every day spend

Make your money go farther with instant cashback on hundreds of merchants including Deliveroo, Waitrose, and Headspace
Access to Ben is by invitation only. Request access today.
Get Deliveroo using your Ben Food & Drink balance to save 10%
Alice is a fitness junkie and uses her Ben Health & Wellbeing balance for Barry’s Bootcamp before work once a week
Nelson uses his Ben Entertainment balance for a Spotify subscription
Tanya starts and ends every day with Headspace meditation – on Ben Health & Wellbeing
Backed by the people behind
A complete UI kit

Benefits your team will actually love, zero hassle.
Thanks Ben!

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A complete UI kit
Combine sections from Ollie's vast component library and create beautiful, detailed pages.
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Savings every day on
the brands you love

The Ben card and app get's you the biggest savings on products you love.
  • Get a personal Ben MasterCard, virtual or physical
  • The Ben App displays balances and transactions and enables discovery of merchants along with special offers through the Ben network
  • No vouchers, a smooth experience
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