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It's how great teams stay on top

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It's how great teams stay on top

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Employee benefits your team will love


Health & life insurance, made for teams like yours

With Ben, you're no longer a "small" business, you're part of a family of hundreds of companies using their purchasing power to get access to bespoke products and preferred rates. From private medical insurance to flexible life assurance, Enterprise rates for everyone.

Let your people choose what matters to them

Set a personal benefits budget for your people and let them choose what matters to them - from a curated selection of modern benefits ranging from meditation apps to exercise classes. Show your team how much you care while your finance team kick back, as Ben makes it super easy to track spending and manage payroll.

Company wide wellbeing initiatives, taken care of

Whether you're focusing on learning & development or mental wellbeing, we have a catalogue of recommended employee benefits providers to suit all your company needs and values. No need to spend hours on demo calls, we'll get you hooked up straight away.

Retail discounts and tax savings

Offer your team savings on popular high street brands through Perks at Work - the world's largest discounts network. Make use of tax-saving opportunities through salary sacrifice schemes, all under one roof.

Give everybody their own budget, access to a huge marketplace that's actually good - and best of all, turn anything you dream up into a benefit for your team with individual Ben Mastercards.

  • Set personalised benefits budgets for each employee
  • Massive marvellous marketplace of benefits
  • Turn anything into a benefit with Ben Mastercards

Say hello to admin-free benefits. Say goodbye to tax, payroll and accounting admin. We even onboard and pay the benefit providers for you.

  • API integrations. Make tax, payroll & accounting a breeze
  • Benefits management sorted. Ben automates enrollment and payments.
  • You call the shots. Set employee-specific rules on who receives what.

Big savings no matter the size of your team. Get unrivalled rates on insurance, corporate marketplace discounts - and reports, to watch the savings stack up.

  • Get up to 20% lower rates on a wide range of products like PMI, Life Insurance or Dental
  • Ben Protect, cost-effective insurance tailored for innovative companies
  • Crystal clear reports on costs and engagement

Birthday's, work anniversaries or a kudos for a job well-done, whatever the occasion, celebrate them by giving your team one-off rewards on their personal Ben Mastercard.

  • Replaces today's gift cards and vouchers with one-off bonuses
  • Raise a smile by attaching a customisable GIF and thoughtful message