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Virgin Active

Chain of luxury health clubs, gyms, pools and spas.
Health & Wellbeing
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Geo coverage:
UK, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Thailand

Virgin Active is a globally recognised exercise brand with over 230 clubs in 8 countries and more than 1.2 million members. As part of the Virgin Group founded by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Active disrupted the UK fitness industry in 1999 by creating large health clubs offering an unprecedented number of world-class health and fitness products and services all under one roof. We now operate 38 clubs in the UK with an unparalleled collection of iconic locations in London and around the UK. A global industry leader for two decades, Virgin Active UK continues to innovate by developing a more personalised gym, multi-boutique experience and purpose to inspire people to live an active life.Promising the most exciting classes, superstar coaches and excellent equipment, Virgin Active’s core focuses lie in Strength, Stability, Stamina and Soul.* Strength allows members to toughen bones, build muscles and burn calories
* Stability is less about solid abs and more about solid foundations
* Stamina provides exercise that works the most important muscle of all
* Soul offers calm, tranquility and deep breaths… or pounding the life out of a heavy bag

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Saskia Hennecke
Benefits Research Executive at Ben


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